There’s a lot in my head that I want to share with the world, but the idea of writing up all it in a way that I feel much of it deserves to be written is too overwhelming for me right now. I guess that’s what happens when you take four months off from “blogging” to focus on life. As a way to document (either to flesh out later or so get them out of my head for good) my thoughts, here’s several lists in no particular order:
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Sometimes You Just Have to Ride Things Out

Irene rolled through here during the last half of yesterday and over night. As I’m typing this, the rain is lessening outside and emails from friends checking in are coming in. Two natural disasters in one week (the earthquake and the storm) reminded me that sometimes all you can do is make the necessary preparations ahead of time and then ride it out.

pen stand.
Creative Commons License photo credit: theperplexingparadox

Speaking of riding things out, school starts for me on Wednesday. This will be my third (and last) fall semester and most of my summer to do list didn’t get done. Instead, I’ll spend the next few days and weeks making the necessary preparations (cleaning house, doing laundry, sleeping) so that when project start becoming due, all I have to do is work on them and ride it out.