Looking Forward to 2012

Since 2011 was such a bummer, I am hopeful that 2012 will be better. I’ve spent some time coming up with concrete goals that are activity based since I am such a goal setter. Based on my reflections over the last week, here are my 2012 goals:

  1. Train for the Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run (which I actually started doing last week)
  2. Actually run the race this year (unlike last year when I had a cold)
  3. Use all of my outstanding Living Social coupons
    1. Auto detailing
    2. The Mansion at O Street – Self guided champagne tour
    3. 10 hot yoga classes
    4. Custom framing services
    5. Three hour stand up paddleboard lesson
  4. Get back into white water kayaking
  5. Finish grad school
  6. Finish bathroom renovation (re-tile floor and paint)

Things that are not necessarily goals, but are on my “to explore” list are…

  • Possibly paint our condo
  • Install hardwood floors
  • Run a half-marathon
  • Start CrossFit

There are some other things floating around my head (job and grad school related stuff), but I’m generally pretty quiet about all of that here.

Best wishes to all of you and happy new year!!!

Screw “the Plan”

I started back at the gym last Sunday and also went Monday, Tuesday, and yesterday. I could barely walk Tuesday, but on Wednesday my legs were starting to feel better.

I decided to forego a formal plan. By nature, I’m a planner, but as I said in my last post needing to create a plan was getting in the way of starting back. Instead of a formal plan, I’m going to shoot for two weight sessions and two cardio sessions a week with a wild card day to do whatever I want. Summer is coming (if spring ever decides to leave) and I can start exercising outside in earnest. Bring on the whitewater and bike paths…