Trolley (Ding ding!)

Years ago (read: 2010), we purchased a Chevy Equinox. I loved it and was horrified by that love. It was the biggest vehicle I’d driven as an adult and I envisioned it as the car we’d bring our children home from hospital in.

Fast forward several years (read: summer 2013) and we were preparing ourselves for our overseas move. Since we couldn’t take the Chevy with us (right side drive in Aus), we sold it and carried on.

We bought a 2007 Nissan X-Trail in CBR and while it wasn’t remarkable, it was fine, fun for me to drive, and perfectly safe for bringing home babies. I didn’t mourn it like the Chevy when we sold it to prepare for the next move.

Which brings us to today…

I drive the pictured 2013 GMC Acadia. Our family’s nicknamed it Trolley.

It’s huge.

It seats seven people!

It gets horrible gas mileage.

I feel safe while fighting my way through Doha traffic because everyone sees the bright red SUV coming.


I enjoy driving it more than I ever thought I would.

While Trolley was manufactured in Lansing, Michigan, it was built for the export market and we can’t re-import it to the United States. We’re going to list it to sell soon–in fact, I took that picture for a listing.

Why does a car invoke so many feelings? It’s just replaceable machinery. That said, having Trolley and being a two-car family gave us the flexibility we needed. Many people/families we knew in Aus and here chose to only purchase one vehicle. They make it work, but for us, it was never a question. A vehicle meant freedom to me in a country where women’s rights are questionable.

Wheels and Tyres

TyresWhen we arrived just over two weeks ago, we knew that husband’s car needed new tyres (note the fancy spelling!). We also suspected it needed new rotors or brakes. Imagine our surprise today whilst at Costco having new tyres put on the car, where Christmas decorations are already for sale, when we were told that the reason it was riding funny was that three 18″ wheels and the 16″ spare were on the car. We’d never noticed! The fourth 18″ wheel was in the trunk and was bent. We’re going to believe that the woman that sold us the car was clueless about this as life is too short to presume otherwise.

Anywho, Costco put three new tyres on and put the fourth in the trunk. We’re now on a mission, starting Monday since most of the auto shops have closed for the weekend, to find a fourth wheel that at least resembles the other three so we can stop riding on the spare.

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