Yesterday morning, I tried to turn the kettle on to make a second cup of coffee (reconstituted cold brew concentrate FTW!!) when the kettle did not turn on. I checked the wall switches. I checked the breaker. I checked the kettle over multiple times. Husband even checked the fuse(s) on the kettle itself. Alas, it’s definitely dead.

We’re now just over 60 days until repatriation. We really don’t want to buy a new kettle, but I’ll be heading to the store later today to buy a super cheap one. We drink too much coffee and tea and the like to not have one.

The Saga Continues

The newest dishwasher was too big. (The backstory is here.)

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Installation was scheduled for between noon and 3:00 PM yesterday. At about 12:45 PM, I left for the gym as I was too antsy to wait. When I arrived back home about an hour later, husband was standing on our patio with a beer and cigar. He said the newest dishwasher was still too big and that we’d have to drop down to an 18″ dishwasher. Good thing we saved the extra slats from when we renovated our kitchen two years ago.

I ended up joining him on the patio and we had a wonderful afternoon.

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The part I can’t figure out was how our old dishwasher fit to begin with. I suspect they put it into place and squeezed the cabinets in around it. We really should have just paid to fix the old one…

Instead, we’ll go to the store today and purchase the 18″ one and will continue¬†handwashing dishes in the interim.

Oh, the joys of home ownership