Three Things Thursday: 22 June 2017

  1. Um. Where has June gone? How is it already the 22nd? I demand more hours in each day and more in each week. There’s never enough time to do ALL. THE. THINGS.
  2. That said, I’ve had a bit more time this week as a neighbor’s daughter has been a mother’s helper for me three mornings for about two hours each. She’s here to get to know the kids in advance of doing some (evening!!) babysitting for us starting in the fall. We’re so excited because we haven’t had regular date nights since before darling son was born (and he’s now 3+!!). She’s a lovely girl and I’m so glad it’s working out.
  3. We need to figure out childcare for the fall. I’m going to be starting (another) part-time job, but this one will need more time than the one I’ve had since March 2008 such that consistent, daytime childcare will be necessary. We I keep going around in circles between the pros/cons of full-time live-in help, part-time live-out help, and putting the kids in half-day nursery school for a couple of days each week. It’s so frustrating, but at the same time, we’re in a wonderful position to even be having this debate.

Day Three

We’re on day three of “one nap a day.” The weekend went well since husband was home and we could tag team the kid. Today was my first solo day. It’s only 3:45 PM, but I’d consider it a (relative) success. Kid and I had an appointment at mid morning and then met husband for lunch, so we were out of the house by 10 AM and didn’t get back home until just after noon. Unfortunately, he fell asleep in the car on the way home (#supertired) and fought the nap I tried to get him to take immediately after our arrival. Instead, we had a snack and some quiet play time and by ~2:30 PM (after some vehement protesting), he went to sleep. Yay!

Tomorrow’s goal will be to get him to nap earlier, say around lunchtime. Wish me luck…