We Now Have A Smoking Gun

That gun’s name is Allergies.

An Allergy Sufferer's Worst Nightmare

Allergies have been the sources of almost all of my upper respiratory issues over the last year. I suspected they were the problem, but tried to deny it since the 10 years of allergy shots I endured growing up were awful.

I finally bit the bullet and I had my first visit with my new ENT doctor last week and went for testing yesterday. My arms are now covered in red dots. I have some new medications in my arsenal and I’m starting sublingual drops in two weeks. Sublingual drops are new on the scene and my out-of-pocket expense for those (which can be administered at home) are about the same for the equivalent copays for office administered shots.

I’m thankful to know that it’s something that can be treated. By April, I should be off almost all the medicines (except nose sprays on an as needed basis) and should be feeling better.

It’s time to get my fall/winter running started now that I can breathe though my nose.



[Creative Commons License photo credit: mootown]

Waning Light

What is it with September?

Heather Armstrong articulates this really well.

Blue and Yellow
Creative Commons License photo credit: Hjalm

Septembers have become problematic for me.

Four years ago, husband left to go out-of-town for work for three months.

Three years ago, we had to put our other dog down and a friend of ours was brutally attacked.

Two years ago, another friend and I parted ways on less than pleasant terms. I still hope we find each other again one day.

Last year, husband left to go out-of-town for work for a month.

This year, husband has been out-of-town again and Lucky died.

Here’s to hoping that next September is relatively uneventful and that I’ll only be working through the general change of seasons. I woke up this morning with prayers of thanksgiving that September was over. The temperature dropped 10 degrees from yesterday and fall is definitely here. The waning light in the evenings is welcome, but also a harbinger that winter is coming//sorry about that link. couldn’t resist.// October is already looking up…