Three Thing Thursday: 10 September 2020

  1. If you had told me this time last year that I would be facilitating online first-grade for my six-year-old, I would have laughed in your face. That said, here we are. We are still adjusting, but I am thankful that my two contracting jobs are flexible and part-time.
  2. I have a history of regularly turning my left ankle, and I did it just over a week ago. I am so bummed because I started running again five weeks ago and the injury puts running on hold for a bit.
  3. We repatriated fifteen months ago and moved into our house thirteen months ago. We have a great routine and have fallen in love with this area. Of course, now is the time the kids start asking about what comes next and why we cannot stay in this house forever. Oh well.
brown deer
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S is for Secure

As I sit in our dining room while my darling son is logged into his remote first-grade, I hear his teacher introduce the day’s word. It starts with “s,” and she asks the class to identify other words that begin with that sound/letter.

My brain immediately leaps to the word secure.


set of medical protective face masks
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We live in an incredibly safe place.

We are employed during this horrifying pandemic.

We are healthy and have each other.

But most importantly, I chose “secure” because my children appear to be emotionally secure despite the world’s turmoil going on around them.

Both have handled their schools’ changes beautifully with age-appropriate reactions.

When the world flipped upside down in March, my husband and I knew that our first priority–other than making sure basic needs were covered–was our children’s’ emotional well-being.

I recognize that privilege and am thankful for it.