2015 Goals

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I’m always in awe of Gazelles On Crack for putting her goals out there for the world to see. So, I’m taking her post as a kick in the rear and posting my own 2015 goals. I probably won’t report back until this time in 2016, but at least they’re out there twisting in the wind.

  1. Start CrossFit and finally figure out if it’s for me or not
  2. Read 30 books
  3. Draft an action plan on how to best use this space to showcase my job skills for our eventual return to the US
  4. In the interim, continue to use this space to document my life on my own terms and share my thoughts with the world
  5. Continue to meditate daily for at least five minutes
  6. Rejoin the monthly #ozlearn Twitter conversation and participate in at least eight chats
  7. Log SUP time on the water on a monthly basis
  8. Take better care of myself (read: haircuts, mani/pedi, massages, chiro)
  9. Sleep for at least eight hours in a single stretch before March 12 (not entirely dependant on me, but I’m going to work on making this happen nonetheless)
  10. Travel back to the US with #Bebe to visit family before he turns one

One thought on “2015 Goals

  1. Eight hours in a row? MADNESS! 🙂 (It can happen, I promise. Maybe a night away.)

    Your goals are great and I’m honored to be your inspiration.