Zen & Calm

I spend a large part of my time in grad school working on group projects. It’s the nature of the program and I’ve had relatively fantastic partners. Most grad school students are pretty motivated and when the classes are taught online or in a blended (online + classroom), the learners are usually super motivated.

Usually in the lead up to a group presentation being due, I stress out. Stay up late for nights on end prior to the due date. Eat poorly. Shun the gym. Basically, I become a hermit whose sole focus is on knocking the project out of the park.

Not this time.

I’m still stressing out, but I refuse to do the other things I usually do. I think the difference is that I believe my partner is just as stressed out (if not more so) as I am. She’s also super-motivated and works full-time with two young children. I’ve taken the role of calm, zen worker bee this time. I like it. We’ll see how the presentation goes tomorrow, though. I may regret this come grade time. (ETA on 11/11/2010) We go an “A” on the assignment. I was very pleased.

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