My return to running/training did not go as smoothly as I had anticipated. I didn’t go for the run to stretch my legs last Thursday and definitely did not go on Saturday–instead, I went to the motorcycle show (more on that later). I tried to go for a run on Monday, but didn’t even make it a quarter-mile before returning home in pain. I fretted and have tried to keep stretching.

I was doubtful that I’d be able to run tonight, but decided to give it a shot.

I was successful.


I experienced the usual discomfort as I started. Since I wear heels at work, my calves are usually super tight and ache for the first mile or so. My pace was great and breathing was even. I’m going to try again on Saturday to see if I get my training back on track…woo-hoo!

2 thoughts on “Woo-hoo!

  1. Yay for a pain-free run! I am so looking forward to my first 2.5 mile run (or, let’s be honest, 1.5 miles in a row would also be awesome…I am not too picky).