Three Things Thursday: 6 April 2017

  1. The new blog postings are a way to scratch a creative itch without having to commit to anything stressful or spend hours (that I don’t have at the moment) working on professional portfolio items. Who knows how long this will last, but for now (two day in, ha ha) it’s working well enough.
  2. Tomorrow marks two weeks since the #Kid started running a fever and the entire house went down a head cold/virus rabbit hole. My version of it morphed into a sinus infection (surprise, surprise) and I started antibiotics yesterday. I’m so ready to be well and to resume #30daysofKBs, although my 30 days are not at all sequential.
  3. Compound living is way better than we anticipated it being. We’ve made some great friends and love that over the course of five minutes last night, I got to chat with two girlfriends while our children ran around at the playground (which is literally around the corner from my house) and my husband and another husband could visit as well. That said, some nights, I’m the only mum on the playground with my kids as all the other kids are there with nannies/helpers. #DohaProblems

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