Three Things Thursday: 26 April 2018

aka: The “tap, tap…is this thing on?” Edition

  1. I’m sick. Again. With a massive cold that’s likely going to be a sinus infection by Sunday given how much my body loves colds and the Doha air. It bores me how often I’m sick, so…moving on…
  2. I’ve caught up on work for the first time and it’s an odd feeling. I enjoy it, but because it’s so rare, I can’t help thinking I’ve done something wrong or that I’ve forgotten to do something significant.
  3. We’re starting to map out our summer trip back to the U.S., and I’m very excited about seeing family and sharing life responsibilities with two other adults (Yeah for having four adults and two kids in the house!). It’ll also be nice not to endure the Doha summer heat.


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