Three Things Thursday: 15 March 2018

aka: The Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease edition

  1. Ugh. HFMD is the worst. Baby girl had a mild go of it, but the kid has one of the more severe cases his pediatrician has seen this spring. I won’t even begin to tell you how miserable both of them have been this week.
  2. That said, because baby girl’s case was mild, she was in fairly good spirits and I got to spend two days with her solo while the kid was at school earlier in the week. She’s a funny, independent little girl and I laughed a lot.
  3. The kid will be staying home from nursery next week (boo! Mainly because he likes going to so much.) and thank goodness I have lots of report writing to do. He can watch movies and I can type. A win for both of us.

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