Three Things I Hate About Smart Phones

By this point, if you don’t have an iPhone or Android phone yourself, then you know someone who does. These little devices (aka smartphones) have become ubiquitous in our modern, always connected society. Restaurant recommendations are but a few clicks away and you can find out where your friends are having a pint without ever having to call them. I sometimes feel like mine is an extension of my hand and have to make a conscious effort to put the thing down sometimes. Despite the convenience, there are a few things I hate about smart phones…

People expects to be able to get in touch with you at all times of the day.

When was the last time you truly were unreachable? When did you last take the kind of vacation where you feel like you (and whomever you are with) are the only person(s) on Earth? People can’t go on vacation without taking their crackberries or a laptop. I honestly think that this is one of the reason I enjoy whitewater kayaking so much. It’s hard to carry a phone out on the water…

People don’t commit to plans.

They want to play everything “by ear” or think nothing of calling (or texting!) last-minute to shift plans or cancel outright. I get that emergencies happen, but what happened to committing to be somewhere and then showing up on time (or even early)? Smart phones make it easy to be inadvertently rude to each other.

People don’t talk on the phone as much.

We send grammatically incorrect texts or emails instead. It’s not a surprise that cell plans are based on data usage instead of on the number minutes. Sometimes it’s just easier to call (like to arrange plans), but we insist on clicking away. Friends of mine are no longer friend with each other because of a bad combination of a location-awareness app, Twitter, and text messages gone awry. I suspect they would still be friends had one of them picked up the phone before things escalated. Do teenager still talk on the phone for hours at a time? When was the last time you called someone and had a substantive conversation?

What are some things you hate (and like) about smart phones?

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