Tech Tuesday: Paprika

Here’s a new (hopefully, regularly recurring) series on the blog wherein I highlight tech that makes my SAHM life easier.

Paprika (Recipe Manager)

I first heard about Paprika when it launched, but couldn’t fathom why I needed it. Fast forward to November 2016 when my youngest had started eating (#BLW #FTW) in earnest and we needed variety in our meals. I downloaded it to my (Android) phone and my (Mac) computers and started using it. I did have to spent one afternoon naptime reading the help files to figure out the grocery list component, but that was totally worth it.

Let’s do a pro/con list on this…


  • Cloud sync!
  • Grocery list feature!
  • It does math for you! (You can easily double or half recipes as needed.)
  • Multi-platform!
  • You can slurp down recipes from the web and it’ll format them into something of beauty!


  • There’s not a way to tell it you own certain cookbooks and have it pre-fill recipes; you have to manually enter them. 🙁

Seriously, after four months of use, that’s the only con I can come up with based on my usage.

So, tl;dr version: If you cook five or six nights a week and need to streamline your planning/shopping process, try it. The phone app price is relatively cheap and will give you a change to try Paprika.

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