Tech Tuesday: OK to Wake! Clock

While not a total “WIN!” yet in my house, this little clock is helping us teach our oldest when it’s okay to get out of bed/leave his room in the morning and/or afternoon rest time. His sleep has been in flux for a while now, but especially since he started climbing out of his crib/cot about a month ago. For safety’s sake, we converted his bed to the toddler bed and after a two week transitory period, he stopped getting out of bed super early (read: before 6:30 AM) in the morning. That said, naps were already sporadic before the conversion and became almost impossible afterward. We’re trying to teach him that he needs to have “quiet rest/play time” in his room every afternoon and that he can come out when the light turns on. We’re playing around with the optimal amount of time AND I lock his bedroom door if I need to do so. It’s still a work in progress, but he’s slowly getting it.

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