Taking Responsibility

I’ve exercised regularly for years. YEARS. My doctor says I’m a very healthy 30-year-old. Hubs and I eat pretty clean and we don’t deprive ourselves of junk food when we really, REALLY want it (a little fried chicken or fast-food tacos if you know what I mean). I ran a half-marathon in March and am running a ten miler next April. I’m in decent shape.

The voice in the back of my head kept nagging me about my weight.

Since the exercising began years ago, I’d always explained it away by saying that I had more muscle mass than I used to have. I’ve realized over the last month that this excuse isn’t going to cut it anymore if I really want the body and lifestyle I say I do.

It’s not what I eat. It’s HOW MUCH I eat.

I have to take responsibility for my intake. I stopped matching portions with husband. I’ve realized it takes much less food than I thought to feel full. I’ve rediscovered what feeling hungry is like.

I know this hunger is nothing like the hunger felt by many people in this world who do not get enough to eat.

I’m also humbled. I need to do more to give back to my community. A plan is percolating. Stay tuned for future developments.

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