10 Good Things

Enneagram & Coffee‘s started asked people to submit a list of ten good things going on in their lives as a gratitude exercise. I’m tired of staring at my phone today, so I’m writing my list here. Here goes…

  1. Cooking eggs & cheesy, jammy toast for the kids on their last day of school
  2. As far as I know, I’m still cancer-free
  3. Both kids have been accepted into schools in the U.S. for next year
  4. We’re completely debt-free except for our condo mortgage, and we plan to sell it as soon as our tenants move out
  5. Being able to pay cash for a (used) car, a motorcycle, and most of another (used) car in the next sixty days after we repatriate
  6. Temporarily sharing a bed with our three-year-old and waking up to her smiling face
  7. Identifying a feeling that has plagued me over the last five or six years and realizing I don’t feel that way (that much) anymore
  8. Having friends and family that love and accept me just the way that I am
  9. Coffee
  10. Bedtime snuggles with my five-year-old and talking about our feelings together