Hang onto your hat!

[This is a heavily edited version of the unposted draft I wrote when I got home from work on Friday, February 18, 2011. I waited a few days for my anger to subside, am editing, and posting it today (2/21/11). If you’ve talked to me in real life since Friday, thank you for your kind words.]

I’ve long joked that there are two stable industries in this town: working for the federal government and working for a labor union. Well, the joke’s on me this time. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

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shoebox project – boxes

My day job is not glamorous. In fact, my official job title is “secretary.” This used to really bother me, but I’m definitely a “work to live” person and not a “live to work.” I got over the title part really quickly and decided to focus on the benefits my job offers.

I have a 35 hour work week and am home by 5:30 PM every day. I can be on the bike trail within ten minutes of leaving my house and we’re five miles from downtown DC. Getting to the river to go whitewater kayaking only takes me about twenty minutes on a Saturday afternoon. If I had a different (more prestigious/sexier) job, I wouldn’t have the free time to take advantage of all of the wonderful things this city has to offer. Life is all about choices and I’ve chosen to live in a shoebox close to the city so that I can do stuff and not live in the car going back/forth between home and work.

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