Tech Tuesday: Waterlogged

I live where it’s hot almost all year round. As a result, I am constantly chasing my kids around with their water bottles. It’s easy to forget about myself though.Waterlogged app screenshot One of the tools I use to keep myself on track is the fabulous app Waterlogged (Android or iTunes). It’s super easy to set up and if you’re keen, the app can remind you throughout the day to drink more or log the liquid you’ve consumed. I aim for 75 ounces (2.2 L) per day just for my normal activity, but on days that we’re outside a good bit or days that I exercise, I shoot for more. While this “Tech Tuesday” app is not revolutionary, it may be helpful to you too.

Kayaking Is Still Fun

As I said in yesterday’s post, I was anxious about attending the pool social session held last night. I had to give myself pep talks all day long to make myself go.

I’m glad I went.

Smell like chlorine. Feel like drowned rat. Got my roll back. Missed @. #kayakingisfun


Melissa Coursey Hess

Two people were there getting personalized instruction. Another woman was there to practice and a bunch of tweens were there as part of their kids program. I practiced my roll a few times and ended up having bail TWICE. Very frustrating. I also felt exposed as there were lots of people in boats in a relatively small pool — definitely a little different from being on the Potomac. The head guy watched me struggle with my roll and gave me some refresher help; he reminded me that 90% of rolling a boat is mental. By the end of the session, I’d completed nine rolls and now have a goal of completing 11 the next time I go. I was definitely tired on my drive home last night, but it was nice to know that I can still roll a kayak.