Emptying My Brain of Thoughts

I’m going to follow Sarah’s lead here and try for a quick post to empty some of the stuff out of my head.

  1. Man, I miss living in Athens, Georgia. We went to Athens for a wedding over the weekend and had a blast. I tweeted a long time ago that part of my heart will always live in that town and this trip confirmed it. I relaxed the minute I got there and didn’t clench my jaw at all the entire weekend. Wonderful food. Great (new & old) friends. A family member who drove into town to have lunch with me even commented on how great I looked and how much being in Athens agreed with me.
  2. The downside to traveling is that I’m now coming down with my third cold since February 3. Third cold. In seven weeks. The Cherry Blossom Ten Race will be virtually impossible to run at this point. I’m going to pick up my packet this time though, as I paid extra for a technical shirt. Needless to say, I’m pretty angry and frustrated about this health development. I’m still trying to decide what’s going to change and will keep you, dear reader, updated.
  3. The new job is going well. I’m still sorting out my new responsibilities. Not much else to say about this one.
  4. School is a big time suck right now. Major deliverable due a week from tomorrow. I need to buckle down this weekend and get it done.
  5. Dear Weather Gods: You are fired. What is this crap? How can we have nice spring days one week and freezing temps the next?!?
  6. I’m trying to figure out how to move back to Athens. Unless we become certified CrossFit and kettlebell instructors and open our own gym, there’s no jobs. Boo.
  7. I’m going to bed. I’m tired. I’m (getting) sick (again). I want to snuggle with the dog.

Oh, la la.

I recently had the opportunity to go to Paris for the weekend.

One of my coworkers was confused. “Why did you go to Paris, Texas?

No, honey. Paris, France.

When the opportunity presented itself, we freaked out a bit. The plane ticket wasn’t in our budget and I really did not have the leave time from work. After shifting a few things around, we were able to make it happen and off I went.

It’s been many years since I was fortunate enough to go to Europe. I was reminded of how much I like Europe. The winding streets, old buildings, and fantastic food do me in every time.

The weather was beautiful and I walked more in 48 hours than I had in the 48 days prior.

Also, don’t be surprised if you come to my home in the next few months and discover that we’ve acquired an espresso machine. I fell in love with caf√© au lait and while I already loved red wine, I’m not jealous of the really inexpensive, but good bottles we picked up at the corner store.

I don’t regret any of it. Not the flight there or back. Not the time away from work. Not the stress I experienced in trying to cram my school work in while sitting on the bed in the hotel room with a glass of wine and hunk of cheese on a plate next to me.

I got to experience a city I had not yet visited. Add another push-pin to the map.