Reflecting on 2011

Whew. I’m glad that 2011 is ending. While it’s not been a super horrible year, it’s been frustrating. To recap…

There were some good times though…

Some friendships were strengthened (yay!), while some frayed (boo). I hate that there are people that I’m not as close to know as I was a year ago, but I honestly believe that maybe now is not our time. Our time may have already passed or it may happen again in the future. I’m not going to stress about it (too much) and wish those friends nothing but love and happiness.

I’m physically stronger and healthier than I was this time last year.

I didn’t write as much here as I had hoped.

In all, I’d say this year was a wash. Stay tuned for my post tomorrow about the things I’m looking forward to in 2012.


Creative Commons License photo credit: Maarten Danial

Seattle/Ferry/ONP – Thanksgiving 2011

Husband’s family lives in the Pacific Northwest and it’s been ten years since either of us have been out there. We went for Thanksgiving and had a wonderful time. You would think that the weather would be miserable in November, but it was lovely considering our timing. While the video doesn’t capture our entire trip, it hits some of the geographic highlights.

Also, I put together a Pinterest board for some of the other highlights of the trip. We’re not going to wait another ten years before we go back.

Family Fun Day 2011

Oscoda Family Vacation 2011 September 25, 20117Creative Commons License photo credit: stevendepolo

Once a year, my extended family on my mother’s side tries to get together for a Family Fun Day. We started this in 2010 as all the kids in my generation have kids of their own (except me) and they were having enough problems balancing Thanksgiving and Christmas with their respective immediate family members much less trying to see the extended family.

For 2011, we met this past weekend for Family Fun Day as well as to celebrate my grandmother’s 82nd birthday. Upon reflection, I was reminded of several things that I regularly forget.

  1. 6 AM Saturday morning flights always seem like a good idea
  2. They’re really not if you have to be social all day long
  3. The absence of even one person (and their whole immediate nuclear family) can made a huge difference in group dynamics
  4. Low country boil always needs more Old Bay than you think it does
  5. Bourbon makes everything better
  6. 36 hours in Atlanta makes for a roller coaster of a trip
  7. Sleep is (sometimes) overrated
I’m already looking forward to the 2012 edition. We need to move it back to summer so we can go to the pool…I hope I don’t forget that one…