Putting Things Together

In looking back at my training history for the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run, I think I can pinpoint a couple of things that led to my injuries. I started my plan off strong at the first of the year, but took a week off around President’s Day weekend when I flew to Atlanta to visit with family. My first run back was around 7 miles, which was more than what my plan said I should have run and definitely more miles that I should have run after taking a week off. I started to develop shin splints around this time and realized I had stopped cross training. Fast forward a week to early March, and I knew something wasn’t right. I bought a new pair of running shoes that supported my pronation and instead of slowly breaking them it, I started running in them immediately. Let’s review the series of incidents thus far:

1 week off + no easing back in + high mileage + no cross training + shin pain + immediately running in new shoes

Race PrepOn March 11, I ran the St. Patrick’s 8K. For the most part, I felt great and my splits were tracking to goal. I had some minor calf discomfort during the last 1.5 mile, but nothing unusual given my penchant for wearing three-inch heels at work. Two hours later though…pain.  I knew I was in trouble when I was trying on jeans after the race and couldn’t put weight on my left leg to take a pair off. I got out of the mall and back home as soon as possible.

Once I got home, I assessed the damage:

  • Swollen left knee
  • Difficulty putting weight on the inside of my left foot
  • Left shin and calf sore to the touch
  • Difficulty moving in general

I spent the rest of the afternoon laying in bed with ice packs on my leg and watched TV. When I woke up the next day with my leg feeling worse, I called my chiropractor on my way to work for a referral to a orthopedist. By 9 AM, I had an appointment scheduled for that Thursday. At this point, I was still optimistic that I hadn’t done major damage and could still run the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run on April 1.

Stay tuned for the next installment.

Looking Forward to 2012

Since 2011 was such a bummer, I am hopeful that 2012 will be better. I’ve spent some time coming up with concrete goals that are activity based since I am such a goal setter. Based on my reflections over the last week, here are my 2012 goals:

  1. Train for the Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run (which I actually started doing last week)
  2. Actually run the race this year (unlike last year when I had a cold)
  3. Use all of my outstanding Living Social coupons
    1. Auto detailing
    2. The Mansion at O Street – Self guided champagne tour
    3. 10 hot yoga classes
    4. Custom framing services
    5. Three hour stand up paddleboard lesson
  4. Get back into white water kayaking
  5. Finish grad school
  6. Finish bathroom renovation (re-tile floor and paint)

Things that are not necessarily goals, but are on my “to explore” list are…

  • Possibly paint our condo
  • Install hardwood floors
  • Run a half-marathon
  • Start CrossFit

There are some other things floating around my head (job and grad school related stuff), but I’m generally pretty quiet about all of that here.

Best wishes to all of you and happy new year!!!

One Foot in Front of the Other

St. Coca's 5km road race - June 24th 2011
Creative Commons License photo credit: Peter Mooney 

(FYI, that is not me in the picture)

According to my account on MapMyRun.com, I last went for a run on June 27. I ran a couple of times in May, a few times in March, and was actually training for a race in January before I somehow strained my left adductor.

Now it’s September. The weather is cooling down. My left adductor, while still slightly weak is so much better. My legs are awesomely strong thanks to my love of kettlebells and squats.

I want to start running again, but my brain is putting on the brakes. What if I’m slower than I used to be? What if I can’t walk tomorrow, and thus cannot swing bells again? The mental part of going for a run is much more challenging that the physical.

I need to just put one foot in front of the other and get my rear out the door.

(thanks to Sarah for encouraging me to lace my shoes up again)