Three Things Thursday: 4 May 2017

  1. I don’t generally read paranormal romance books (I’m a regency girl at heart), but when I want to try something new, Amy Cissell’s recommendations haven’t done me wrong. I’m about halfway thru this one (and I read the first two books in the series based on the review of the third one) and ended up staying up until almost 1 AM Tuesday night (I KNOW!! WHO AM I!?!?!) finishing the second one/starting the third one.
  2. This blog post speaks to me so hard! That said, it’s such a privilege for this to even be an issue in my life.
  3. We used to have (oven) roast chicken every week for Sunday dinner. Until we didn’t anymore because after three months straight, we got tired of roast chicken. I’ve started cooking a chicken in the slow cooker once a week again because (a) it’s super easy, (b) the kids eat it without any fuss, and (c) it’s super easy. While not exciting, it’s super-easy and with two kids under three, super-easy is in my wheelhouse at the moment.

Three Things Thursday: 27 April 2017

  1. I received a care package from a friend in Australia and it made my evening. She included a gift for me and gifts for each of my children. I miss her so much and am thankful that technology allows us to exchange texts almost daily.
  2. Papa John’s pizza for dinner is wonderful after a long week of wrangling a toddler and a proto-toddler. I am so over cooking at the moment.
  3. My parents arrive next week for a visit and we’re so excited to have them here.

Three Things Thursday: 13 April 2017

  1. #30DaysofKBs from Jen Sinkler makes me stupidly happy. I wasn’t able to complete the days consecutively and am instead working through them as I’m able. I had forgotten how much I love kettlebells and this was a perfect way for me to reintroduce them to my work-outs now that the little ones are getting older
  2. It’s hot here, but my internal temperature gauge has adjusted. It was ~95F yesterday and I was walking around in jeans, sandals, and a chiffony tank/shirt. I was warm, but wasn’t sweating the buckets I thought I would
  3. Baby girl is getting her one-year needles today and I’m more upset about that as a marker of her age than I was on her actual birthday. My baby isn’t going to be a baby much longer. #prototoddler