Tech Tuesday: OK to Wake! Clock

While not a total “WIN!” yet in my house, this little clock is helping us teach our oldest when it’s okay to get out of bed/leave his room in the morning and/or afternoon rest time. His sleep has been in flux for a while now, but especially since he started climbing out of his crib/cot about a month ago. For safety’s sake, we converted his bed to the toddler bed and after a two week transitory period, he stopped getting out of bed super early (read: before 6:30 AM) in the morning. That said, naps were already sporadic before the conversion and became almost impossible afterward. We’re trying to teach him that he needs to have “quiet rest/play time” in his room every afternoon and that he can come out when the light turns on. We’re playing around with the optimal amount of time AND I lock his bedroom door if I need to do so. It’s still a work in progress, but he’s slowly getting it.

Tech Tuesday: White Noise

Today’s edition of Tech Tuesday is not groundbreaking at all. Just a quick note to share that my white noise (Android) app (also available in the iTunes store) has been a lifesaver at times. Car trips, meditation, part-time job work…any time I need to get in the zone, I turn it on, select a single sound (or a mix or create my own mix like in the attached picture) and ah…

We used to have it installed on the computer that was in my son’s room so that we could play the white noise while he slept and we have it on an old cell phone for traveling so that we don’t have to tote a Dohm machine around. It’s not super special, but it gets the job done. There are pros/cons to using white noise for babies (and you should do your own research #youdoyou), but it worked/works for us.