March 2015 Recap: Life & Goals


March was lovely. Hit it…


(To review said goals…)

  1. I kept going to the gym, but ducked out on going a few Saturdays this month. The Crossfit Open isn’t for me and some Saturdays it didn’t make sense for me to go for a variety of reasons…
  2. Meditation’s going great!
  3. Me time/self-care is better. I got a pedicure and a facial, so yay!
  4. No SUP time. ūüôĀ
  5. SLEEP!!!! Little boy finally started sleeping thru the night (defined (for his age right now) as 10-12 hours at a time!)!! It was patchy for the first half of the month (hello trip to the beach!), but as the month progressed it became a regular occurrance. As such, I’m now averaging between 7 and 8.5 hours a sleep a night, but I’m also feeling a difference in my emotions (read: a little weepy at times) since I’m not getting the hormone high of a middle of the night breastfeeding.
  6. Still reading books…

2014 Recap

2014 was a big year for me(us); life will never be the same. When the year started, we had recently¬†found out we were having a boy and I was working several days a week at the paddlesports shop. When the year ended, that boy’s second tooth was erupting and I delight in his company every(most) days. In between, my concept of myself was ripped apart and put back together more times than I can count. During those periods of ripping and shredding, I felt lost and confused. When things knit themselves together again, I felt secure and powerful. The ripping and knitting sometimes occurred on the same day or sometimes the ends of it were separated by weeks. In reality, all of it churned together for months and I’m still reeling in it today.

I struggle with not fully understanding my place in the world and I work every day to be comfortable with that. This isn’t new and is a variation of my adult career striving/struggles. For a variety of reasons that I won’t get into here, I never thought I’d be a SAHM. I have mixed feelings about it and will talk your ear off about it in RL if I’m feeling chatty. But this is not the space for those ramblings.

Setting the ephemeral aside, 2014 was a good year. We rang in the year on a boat sitting in the Sydney Harbor, traversed the Great Ocean Road over a weekend, spent a weekend at Bondi Beach, and spent five days back at Manly Beach at the end of November. My parents visited four times (including their visit last Christmas that ended on 2 January). My in-laws came for four weeks. My aunt and uncle came for a week. We could write a book on how to be fantastic house guests. Our darling child was born. We became parents; life is different.

Ha ha! The Universe (Temporarily) Hates Me

So, I wrote this post and in the time since, that schedule has been blown up and destroyed.

The tl:dr Version

Abbreviated naps + late(-ish) bedtime = super overtired Bebe.

Naps better in tune w/ sleep cycle + earlier bedtime = Happy Bebe.

For those of you still reading:

For the first two week of August, he was in a wonder week and not napping (well) and I was too tired/frazzled to put the pieces together. It was only when he didn’t snap back to non-wonder week “Happy Bebe” that I realized how tired he really was. I reverted to the napping plan laid out in one of my resources. I spent the last two weeks of August (and first couple of days of September) tracking every time he woke and was put down to sleep and we started putting him down earlier at night. A pattern emerged and he’s back to Happy Bebe with only a touch of the wonder week fussiness that we’ve experienced in the past (yes, another wonder week. These things never seem to stop…). A side effect of this wonder week is that he’s waking more at night (*waves goodbye to only one wake-up at night* “See you soon!” I whisper.) Some people call this the four month sleep regression, but I prefer this perspective. It’s a process and I’m looking forward to getting some longer stretches of sleep myself in a few months. I’m just happy to have Happy Bebe back.