Definitely not ENFJ

Twice in the past couple of weeks I’ve been reminded that I’m an introvert. A social (when the situation demands it) one, but an introvert nonetheless.

The first time was a conversation I had with someone in class wherein we discussed my Myers Briggs results.

The second was in a blog post I read yesterday from another DC area blogger.

She proposes that most bloggers are extroverts. I’m inclined to agree with her. I am happiest at home with a fresh cup of coffee and too many weekend commitments leave me drained. I also do write “for the therapy of it.” This blog is a way for me to remember the fun things I do.

That being said, I do owe you, dear reader, more information about recent trips to Paris, Kentucky, and Atlanta. Those posts are forthcoming, but due to other commitments, may be further delayed. In some ways, I’m still recovering (as I keep getting sick after flights) from these trips, but am looking forward to things coming up…

Seasonal Change

The seasonal change means a change in my activities, my schedule, and my mindset.

Now that the days are slowly getting shorter and cooler, I can’t go kayaking anymore. I’ve enjoyed being on the water so much this summer and look forward to May 2011 when I can get back out there. This time of year also means an end to bicycling in the sun and sitting by the pool; I did a lot of the former this summer and not so much of the latter this year.

Another thing I didn’t do this summer was run. Sure, I went on a few runs here and there, but I didn’t run like I did last summer (2009) when I was training for the Army Ten-Miler. Since I’m not running the ATM this year, I decided to start my running on November 1 and I’ll run some this winter (which I really enjoy doing). I’m going to run the Cherry Blossom Ten Mile next year and will start training for reals for it around the first of the year.

Also, as I mentioned in my last post, school started last month. Expect my already sporadic posting schedule to get even more sporadic. I enjoy school (and am quite good at it), but it does eat up a lot of my time.

I also have to be careful this time of year to not get so angry with everyone. Just because the weather is darker and grayer, doesn’t mean that I have to be darker and grayer too. Plenty of sleep. Lots of hours in the gym. Lots of hugs by family and friends. These things get me through this time of year.

What is changing for you as the summer shifts into fall?

What’s in a name?

This isn’t my first time at the blog rodeo. My former blog had the title “An Exercise in Futility,” which I liked for a long time. One day, I was reading Amanda Palmer’s blog and her post that day included part of a newsletter that Bob Lefsetz wrote about the Grateful Dead.

One phrase he used — They were on an adventure without a destination.” — really jumped out at me.

I spent the rest of the day thinking about it. I wanted my life to be adventurous. I had learned that I focused too much on destinations and needed to enjoy the journey along the way.

Are you so focused on the result that you miss the joyful moments on the way? What adventure(s) are you on at the moment?

Tell me about it in the comments or link to your own blog.