I’m a joiner. Are you?

I’m a joiner. I love the idea of writing with some regularity on this blog. I joined Reverb1o with that in mind. It’s also why I’m going to give WordPress’ Post a Week 2011 a shot as well. A post a day seems a bit too ambitious for me, but I’m pretty sure I can write a post a week.

Since my new race training week starts on Saturdays (yay, 3 mile run this afternoon), my blog week will now start on Saturdays as well. I’ll tag the first post of each week with “postaweek2011” and go from there.

You know you want to join me. Come on. It’s not hard. Let’s do this together.

Like a kid on a playground

Today’s weather was wonderful. I felt guilty about sliding back into bed at 5:15 AM after feeding the dog and taking him on his morning walk. It was 71 degrees Fahrenheit and almost chilly.

On my way home from work, I pondered going to the gym. My brain protested being indoors. Bike ride? Didn’t want to deal with traffic. I could have taken the dog on a walk, but even the 85 degree heat was too warm for him at his advanced age. I ended up going for a run.

Wow, what a run that was! It wasn’t fast. It wasn’t a long distance. But it was wonderful. The wind in my hair and the soft slapping of my shoes on the pavement filled my heart with joy (or endorphins. What ever). I felt like a little kid who has spent recess running around the playground.

My jaunt reminded me that sometimes a run is just a run. It’s not always about the time, distance, splits, or where it falls in the training regimen.