The End

This is the post I’ve been avoiding all week.

Lucky died on Saturday, September 17, 2011 at approximately 1 PM.

I know the time because I was there with him scratching behind his ears and whispering reassuring words.

His body was failing him and in his last week, his quality of life was incredibly diminished.

It was the hardest decision I’ve made in my life, but know that it was the loving, responsible, and compassionate thing to do. Lucky died with dignity.

I miss him terribly and it will take me years before I’m even ready to consider adding another dog to the family.

Thank you to everyone in my life who has extended their condolences. Thank you to Andrew and Kerryn Zechiel for assisting me in his last week. Thank you to the Hope Center (and specifically Dr. Conor McNeill and Claire McGillicuddy) for being so wonderful and for providing fantastic care to Lucky during his chemo. Thank you to my friend and veterinarian, Dr. Lynne Gallitz, for being our friend and for taking my late night phone calls when I was worried about something Lucky was (or wasn’t) doing. Thank you to my friends and family for being there for me.


Weekend Wrap Up

It’s nice to get some sleep and relax for a few days…

Lucky appears to be doing better now. The first five days post-chemo were not fun for any of us. He’s now eating as much food as we can get into him and has reverted to the annoying dog that wakes us up at 4 AM to eat breakfast. We hate getting up that early, but it’s a sure sign his health is improving.

I picked up my knitting again last night for the first time in a while. Grad school and life had previously conspired to steal all my energy and knitting was always the first thing to be shuttled. Now that I have a few weeks off from school…still working on the Clapotis for me. I knit one for my mother three years ago, but never got around to working on one for myself. (Sidenote: Hey knitters – has the Clapotis really been out for SEVEN years!? I feel really, really old.)

The other fun thing we’ve been dealing with is a broken dishwasher. We bought our place in 2005. The native one broke in 2007. We replaced it then (we’ll call this “DW A”). A few weeks ago, we started experiencing problems with DW A. It finally stopped working and we had an appliance repair company come out. It was going to cost more to fix it (or so we thought) than replace it.!/melissachess/status/86848782549008384

Off to the local home improvement store we went on July 2. Another one was purchased (“DW B”) and scheduled for delivery on July 3. It arrived, DW A was taken away and husband began to install DW B.!/melissachess/status/87541279151505408

After much frustration and cursing… I won’t even get into the shenanigans that ensued as we tried to get DW B to fit into the space.!/melissachess/status/87614432263413761

So…yesterday, we returned DW B, purchased ANOTHER DISHWASHER (henceforth, “DW C”) and paid for them to install it. DW C will arrive some time next week. In the interim, we’ll be washing dishes by hand…!/melissachess/status/87955684188106752

We now wish we had just paid for DW A to be fixed.

We also started watching Doctor Who and I introduced husband to Torchwood. There’s been lots of nerding out between bouts of dishwasher frustration.

We both took today off of work since we were originally supposed to be on vacation. No big plans, but we’ll definitely not be going anywhere we don’t have to go.