Rest and Refresh

We just returned home from seven weeks of being back in the USA, specifically, in the metro-Atlanta area. I took a much-needed break from my usual day-to-day, and the kids got to spend heaps of time with my parents. Our time away was lovely, and now that we’ve returned to Doha, I’m taking the opportunity to institute new routines and refresh existing ones, as follows below:

  1. I want to get up before the kids each day to create some “me time.” Depending on the day of the week, I’ll either exercise, meditate, or read. Doing these things in the morning means I’m a better person at the end of the day for all the people I encounter.
  2. If I want to get up earlier, I need to go to bed earlier. I like staying up until 11 PM reading each night, but I hate the way that makes me feel in the morning. According to Sleep as in Android, I’m a Morning Lark 5, and my sleep data indicates that I need need to be “lights out” by 9:55 PM each night to optimize my sleep.
  3. The kids. Oh, the kids. I can’t institute new routines quite yet because I start working part-time on 10 September and they start nursery school three times a week next week. We’ll have to have some trial and error days to figure out what’s going to work best for our house.

Stop Fighting It

It’s been about three weeks since Kid started refusing his afternoon naps. It’s been about three weeks since felt like I had my sh*t together. During those three weeks, Kid and I both had head colds, but neither of us kicked them on our own–he came down with an ear infection and I had a sinus infection. This brought a (temporary) reprieve to this change, but…

…I need to stop fighting this (day) sleep transition. He’s rocking a solid uninterrupted ~12 hours at night and on the days when we having something to do in the morning, he generally takes a two hour nap at midday. But…

…I like that time mid-morning where I can sit with my cup of coffee and my thoughts and JUST. BE. I need that time to recharge my batteries. I knew this was coming, but had hoped it would be later. Not now. Three or four months from now. But…

…I don’t get to make that call. One nap a day, here we come.