S is for Secure

As I sit in our dining room while my darling son is logged into his remote first-grade, I hear his teacher introduce the day’s word. It starts with “s,” and she asks the class to identify other words that begin with that sound/letter.

My brain immediately leaps to the word secure.


set of medical protective face masks
Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

We live in an incredibly safe place.

We are employed during this horrifying pandemic.

We are healthy and have each other.

But most importantly, I chose “secure” because my children appear to be emotionally secure despite the world’s turmoil going on around them.

Both have handled their schools’ changes beautifully with age-appropriate reactions.

When the world flipped upside down in March, my husband and I knew that our first priority–other than making sure basic needs were covered–was our children’s’ emotional well-being.

I recognize that privilege and am thankful for it.

Engaging with Life

There’s days I want to hide. Literally in bed and figuratively behind my phone. I can’t do that for many reasons, but the biggest one(s) these days is that I don’t want to model that behavior for my children.

When my eldest was younger, my mum and I were concerned that he was going to be shy and withdrawn. We brainstormed ways to model more outgoing and friendlier behavior for him and we’ve seen the implementation of those ideas bear fruit.

We’re still modeling those behaviors for my youngest. She’s generally getting the hang of it, but she’s still only three years old. Time will tell if we are successful.