January 2015 Recap: Life & Goals



The month started quietly with a low-key New Year’s Day. Bebe and I were recovering from a cold. A few days later, my parents returned from New Zealand and the very next day, my dad departed to head back home. Hubs went back to work and my mum stayed for almost the rest of the month. Mum and I were able to work on some projects around the house (backyard gardening,¬†car interior cleaning) and we took Bebe to the beach for a few days as well. I started exercising again (see below in Goals) and Bebe continued waking twice a night, so I started napping again when I could. He also started eating with gusto and continued being ever more adorable as he nailed the crawling thing and started bear crawling as well. The month ended with Mum heading back home and the long Australia Day weekend.


I likely won’t talk about the who-its and what-its too much for now, but will instead just provide a status update on these.

  1. I’ve started CrossFit¬†and am reserving overall judgement until early April. Gotta give things three months, just like my parents taught me when I was younger.
  2. Thanks to a recommendation online, I spent way too much time reading historical romance books in January. As such, I’ve already read seven books for the year.
  3. I’ve missed a few days of meditation, but am trucking on. Headspace is great and I highly recommend it.
  4. I wasn’t able to go for a paddle in January, but am planning to go on a coffee paddle early in February.
  5. Mum and I went for a pedicure before she left (yay to painted toes!).

July 2014 Recap


Winter truly arrived here in Canberra in July. While no where near as harsh at the winters back home, the temps and dry are can be uncomfortable. Here come the bullets…

  • Attended the Embassy’s 4th of July celebration on 2 July and visited with wonderful friends
  • Doubled down on the walks and started racking up the step count
  • Threw in some kettlebell and bodyweight work there at the end of the month
  • Settled into a weekday of Mom + Bebe routine and switched Bebe’s schedule
  • Bebe’s consistently waking once a night to eat with only the occasional night of two wakeups–primarily on days where naps were inconsistent or didn’t happen
  • Successfully had a couple of at home movie date nights
  • Bebe received a clean bill of health at his two month vaccination appointment and took those shots like a champ
  • Husband and I survived post-vaccination crankiness
  • Bebe consistently started rolling from his tummy to his back and by the end of the month, discovered his hands