June 2017 Goals

I’ve had these on my mind for a week or so, but I’m just now getting around to writing them down. Not all of them are quantifiable, but they’re important nonetheless. Here goes:

  • Fifteen (15) kettlebell workouts
  • Five (5) Wildfire yoga sessions
  • Prioritize sleep over reading at night
  • Battle my introvert-ness by¬†seeking out real-life conversations with friends
  • Ask my partner for help more often
  • Take care of #Queenshit

Three Things Thursday: 1 June 2017

  1. My phone, a OnePlus One, is not long for this world. I bought it just over two years ago, but I’m a heavy phone-user and it’s been dropped so many times. It was awfully buggy, so I performed a couple of factory resets in the last week and while it runs better now, the battery does not charge consistently. I really need to research my options for unlocked Android phones instead of just buying the OnePlus Five, which should be released this month.
  2. Last night, we had one of my favorite slow-cooker meals (Butter Chicken) for dinner. It hits all the right flavor notes and the kids eat it (generally, except the Kid, who is still not feeling well).
  3. I signed up to be a Rodan and Fields consultant a few weeks ago. I thought it through a bit, but it was mainly an impulse thing. Now that I’ve done it, I’m so wary of IG and FB spamming¬†my friends, like I’ve been spammed, that I’ve only told two people IRL that I’ve done it and this is my first public mention of it online. I signed up for a number of reasons, which I’ll likely post about in the future, and hope that I’m not wasting my time (or my sponsor’s time for that matter).

buff, polish, burnish, shine, clean, rub…

In an attempt to clean the cobwebs out of my brain and mentally organize my thoughts, I’m stepping up to polish some words for this post. Life’s been a whirlwind for the last four years the last month or so. My parents visited, my son turned three, my son got sick (again), my daughter dropped her morning nap, and we moved houses. Just the other day, my son came down with another virus–he must have inherited my immune system because this is the third one since the end of March–and with the weather being as it is here, we’re stuck inside anyway.

There’s other things going on behind the scenes with part-time job(s) and daily life, but I can’t seem to be able to write about that stuff. What am I afraid of? Do I even want to share more of my life online? If not, why am I maintaining this site? I ponder these questions regularly, since I believe the number of blog readers for this can be counted on one hand.

So, I want to start posting again and am going to try to re-commit to my two post a week schedule until things go pear-shaped again. See you around.