If you know my husband well, you know he LOVES pancakes; he orders pancakes around 90% of the time we go out for brunch. We don’t make them very often at home, but he requested them last week for college football Sunday this past weekend.

When I was at the store getting the mix, I couldn’t find pancake syrup. We had been warned that pancake syrup was hard to find, but had shrugged it off. I ended up buying molasses because it was the closest I could find.

With pancakes made, I pulled out the molasses, opened the lid, and gave husband a spoon. He drizzled a healthy dollop on his stack and made his way to the couch to resume football watching. Before I could get more than a spoonful on my own stack of ‘cakes, he was back in the kitchen gagging and scrambling for a new plate.

As it turns out, I bought black strap molasses. It doesn’t taste good (on pancakes). Out came the blackberry jam from the fridge and I immediately ordered a jug of maple syrup off Amazon. Sigh. Oh well. We’ll eat jam on our pancakes again this Sunday and I’ll find some use for the black strap molasses. Homemade bread, perhaps?

One Year Ago


A year ago, we were at Atlantic Beach for a few days during husband’s second trip home from working abroad for a year. The six months prior had been stressful for us personally and world events weren’t great either. As I look back at that time from today, I am going to focus on how relaxed we were for those days. I’m thankful we went through all of that to be where we are today.

Regular Routine

Routine - Golgatha INow that we’ve been here just over a month, life has settled into a comfortable weekday routine. Hubs heads to the gym before work and I’m usually crawling out of bed around the time he gets home from the gym. My morning consists of breakfast, coffee, and catching up on the goings-on in the U.S. My mid-morning to early evening varies but usually includes some of the following each day:

  • Job hunting online
  • Laundry
  • House tidying
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Grocery shopping
  • Errand running
  • Exercise (either running or lifting weights at AIS)
  • Sitting outside on the patio in the sun on pretty days

During the weekday evenings, I cook dinner. We eat. I clean the kitchen and we head to bed relatively early–the alarm goes off awfully early in our house.

It’s not a bad life. That being said, I’ve worked since I was 14 years old and am getting super antsy. While I would prefer an office job, I have spoken with the owner of the local paddlesports shop and he can offer me three to four days a week retail in the shop between now and Christmas. I’m stoked and am waiting for paperwork stuff before starting. In all, things are good. Now we just need a renter for our condo in DC…lemme know if you know of anyone.

photo by: h.koppdelaney