Looking Forward

I’m starting to feel better. I stayed home from work yesterday and slept for most of the day. My body is starting to heal. As such, my thoughts are happier and I’m looking forward to the next couple of weeks/months. (Forgive me, it’s a list making kind of week.) Here’s why:

  1. We’re going to take a trip out west this summer to visit husband’s family for the first time in 10 years
  2. I can start whitewater kayaking again
  3. Sundresses
  4. I’ll have a break from school from late June until late August
  5. Summer is coming (I LOVE SUMMER)
  6. Sandals
  7. My family’s annual Cinco de Mayo party is coming up
  8. I can go for bike rides without freezing
  9. Patio sitting + beer drinking + friends = bliss

I’m sure there are a few other things, but these are the ones on my mind RIGHT NOW.

What are you looking forward to? Am I the only one in a late-winter/early spring funk?


Kayaking Is Still Fun

As I said in yesterday’s post, I was anxious about attending the pool social session held last night. I had to give myself pep talks all day long to make myself go.

I’m glad I went.

Smell like chlorine. Feel like drowned rat. Got my roll back. Missed @. #kayakingisfun


Melissa Coursey Hess

Two people were there getting personalized instruction. Another woman was there to practice and a bunch of tweens were there as part of their kids program. I practiced my roll a few times and ended up having bail TWICE. Very frustrating. I also felt exposed as there were lots of people in boats in a relatively small pool — definitely a little different from being on the Potomac. The head guy watched me struggle with my roll and gave me some refresher help; he reminded me that 90% of rolling a boat is mental. By the end of the session, I’d completed nine rolls and now have a goal of completing 11 the next time I go. I was definitely tired on my drive home last night, but it was nice to know that I can still roll a kayak.