It Only Took 12 Days

It took fewer actually. More like five days.

I’m injured. Sorta. Yay running!

Last week, I started having problems with my left hamstring and glute. They felt like they had been kicked repeatedly. Using the foam roller to stretch them out didn’t help. Neither did scooting around the floor while sitting on a tennis ball. Fortunately, I was able to get an appointment with my chiropractor on short notice. I cut short my three-mile run on Monday and only completed 1.8 miles. I delayed my four mile run scheduled for today until tomorrow for my appointment.

At my appointment tonight, my doctor hurt me, but in a good way. She’s certified in Active Release Technique and spent time working on my body. She says I’ll probably have bruises and the areas will be tender for a few days, but that I should start feeling better after that. Instead of four miles tomorrow, I’ll run 1.5 just to stretch my legs out. I’ll resume my training plan on Saturday.

I wonder why I put myself through these things. I think I do it because the human body is capable of so much. I like testing my physical limits and several years ago would never have dreamed of doing the things I do now.

What challenges you?

Kettlebells or “Wow, my legs hurt”

Kettlebells, Originally uploaded by essexjan

I’m taking a class at the gym.

An “Introduction to Kettlebells” class.

And every Friday morning (as it’s a Thursday evening class), my legs hurt.

It’s an amazing work out and I can now swing bells with husband, as he took the class this past spring. I’m so excited.

Not quite sure what I’m talking about? Watch this: 

Seasonal Change

The seasonal change means a change in my activities, my schedule, and my mindset.

Now that the days are slowly getting shorter and cooler, I can’t go kayaking anymore. I’ve enjoyed being on the water so much this summer and look forward to May 2011 when I can get back out there. This time of year also means an end to bicycling in the sun and sitting by the pool; I did a lot of the former this summer and not so much of the latter this year.

Another thing I didn’t do this summer was run. Sure, I went on a few runs here and there, but I didn’t run like I did last summer (2009) when I was training for the Army Ten-Miler. Since I’m not running the ATM this year, I decided to start my running on November 1 and I’ll run some this winter (which I really enjoy doing). I’m going to run the Cherry Blossom Ten Mile next year and will start training for reals for it around the first of the year.

Also, as I mentioned in my last post, school started last month. Expect my already sporadic posting schedule to get even more sporadic. I enjoy school (and am quite good at it), but it does eat up a lot of my time.

I also have to be careful this time of year to not get so angry with everyone. Just because the weather is darker and grayer, doesn’t mean that I have to be darker and grayer too. Plenty of sleep. Lots of hours in the gym. Lots of hugs by family and friends. These things get me through this time of year.

What is changing for you as the summer shifts into fall?