Three Things Thursday: 05 April 2018

  1. ThisĀ marks the third week of at least one of the kids being sick. I can’t even begin to count the number of colds/viruses/et cetera that my kids and I have endured since arriving in Doha in September 2016. I’m over it. Sigh.
  2. I’ve exercised twice this week (another post about this will be forthcoming as soon as I get my thoughts in order) and my efforts to increase my overall #movement have been beneficial for both my mental and physical health
  3. Husband took most of this week off of work, which has been fantastic since the kids have been on spring break, and we considered booking in at one of the local hotels that were running staycation deals since we did not have any travel plans. Instead, we chose to stay home and order in every night instead of cooking, since we just wanted a break from the evening routine of cooking and cleaning.

Three Things Thursday: 15 March 2018

aka: The Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease edition

  1. Ugh. HFMD is the worst. Baby girl had a mild go of it, but the kid has one of the more severe cases his pediatrician has seen this spring. I won’t even begin to tell you how miserable both of them have been this week.
  2. That said, because baby girl’s case was mild, she was in fairly good spirits and I got to spend two days with her solo while the kid was at school earlier in the week. She’s a funny, independent little girl and I laughed a lot.
  3. The kid will be staying home from nursery next week (boo! Mainly because he likes going to so much.) and thank goodness I have lots of report writing to do. He can watch movies and I can type. A win for both of us.