A Day in My Life

The post below describes yesterday (1 April 2015).

I wake up at around 6:35 AM to sounds of Bebe’s cries–not the panicked, something’s wrong cry–but instead the “I’m awake. Come get me.” cry. I sit on the couch in the dim living room–the sun has not come up yet–and feed him (for what feels like forever) while he tracks his father’s movements around the kitchen and living room. His dad is always more exciting that me and the love between the two is adorable and precious. When Bebe finished nursing, I take off his sleep sack and put him in the floor at which point he immediately toddles/crawls/creeps over to where husband is finishing his breakfast and the two share snuggles and hugs. Husband reluctantly hands him back to get ready for work and I start the diaper change process. At 10.5 months old, Bebe has opinions about holding still (read: he won’t) and there are a few protests (from both of us) as I finally get him changed and redressed in his sleeper. We spend the next half hour or so back and forth between the living room (hello toys!) and our bedroom (hello Dad!) before there is another handoff so I can fix breakfast for the bub and me. Continue reading “A Day in My Life”

September 2014 Recap

#Bebe is napping so let’s do this quick-like…

So it would seem like not a whole lot happened in September, but that isn’t true. My parents’ visit was wonderful and Bebe continued to delight us each and every day. Let’s end with another picture of the precious one…

Ha ha! The Universe (Temporarily) Hates Me

So, I wrote this post and in the time since, that schedule has been blown up and destroyed.

The tl:dr Version

Abbreviated naps + late(-ish) bedtime = super overtired Bebe.

Naps better in tune w/ sleep cycle + earlier bedtime = Happy Bebe.

For those of you still reading:

For the first two week of August, he was in a wonder week and not napping (well) and I was too tired/frazzled to put the pieces together. It was only when he didn’t snap back to non-wonder week “Happy Bebe” that I realized how tired he really was. I reverted to the napping plan laid out in one of my resources. I spent the last two weeks of August (and first couple of days of September) tracking every time he woke and was put down to sleep and we started putting him down earlier at night. A pattern emerged and he’s back to Happy Bebe with only a touch of the wonder week fussiness that we’ve experienced in the past (yes, another wonder week. These things never seem to stop…). A side effect of this wonder week is that he’s waking more at night (*waves goodbye to only one wake-up at night* “See you soon!” I whisper.) Some people call this the four month sleep regression, but I prefer this perspective. It’s a process and I’m looking forward to getting some longer stretches of sleep myself in a few months. I’m just happy to have Happy Bebe back.