Three Things Thursday

  1. I love being a regular at a bar/restaurant. We went out tonight and one of our two favorite bartenders was working. Our food was ordered promptly. Our drinks were discounted. We never felt rushed, but we had our pre-dinner drinks, dinner, post-dinner drinks and were out the door in two hours. Amazing.
  2. The countdown to the end of this semester has begun. Only a few more week for this class and then a few more for the other. Summer session A should finish by the third week of June and then I’ll have two full months off of school. Squee!!
  3. I’m working on my new training plan. I’m not going to be training for any particular sport or activity, but instead, will be training for life. I’m finally learning that I can’t pursue everything at full tilt. This is going to be an adjustment.


Health & Stress

My mom worries about me. Her concern is that I do too much.

About six weeks ago, I had a sinus infection (yay antibiotics). I was diagnosed with another one during JOB DRAMA 2011 (yay more antibiotics). Add in the lingering leg issue. It’s tax season (yay PT job). I have a new full-time job (YAY!!!). I have six weeks left in this semester and a major deliverable is due the first week of April. Shake. Stir. Whatever.

I didn’t run the St. Patrick’s Day 8K this past weekend. In fact, the last exercise related thing I did was create an awesomely unflattering video for school three weeks ago.

I ran Friday after work since we got early release “due to an outbreak of highly contagious spring fever.”

I’ll try to put in some more miles in the meantime and will gut out the Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run in two weeks.

After that run, I’ll be doing some re-evaluating. Somethings got to give.

Back to School

I’ve enjoyed my break between semesters. Many things on my “to do” list got done and many things didn’t. I rested and recharged my batteries and was raring to go yesterday morning.

Alas, an ill-timed snow storm thwarted yesterday’s attempt to be scholarly.

I checked several sites before leaving home around 3:10 PM. While sitting on 395S just a quarter mile from home as the sleet beat down on the car, I tweeted…

Can s.o. check to see if GMU has canceled classes yet?


Melissa Coursey Hess

I received a quick response from a friend that evening classes had just been canceled and I quickly exited the highway to head home.

Later in the evening (after husband got home ~3 hrs after he left work), I tweeted…

Celebrating #thundersnow by opening the bottle of George T. Stagg. #dc #bourbon #yum


Melissa Coursey Hess

We watched stupid tv and enjoyed being at home. It was a good evening.