Now that I’ve come out the other side of this anxious time and am settling back into my “normal” state, ideas are percolating in my head again…

…do I really want to try to grow my teeny-tiny side job into a legitimate side business?

…do I give notice on the teeny-tiny side job (for a variety of reasons) and get back those hours each month I spend on it?

…do I want to train for and compete in a sprint tri?

…do I just focus on finishing school (expected in May 2012) and then figure out the rest later?

Lots of things bouncing around my head, but no decisions need to be made right now.

Instead, I’m going to enjoy my Friday night. I’ve already smoked a cigar and will probably spend my evening watching TV with husband and the dog (who is doing much better and is back up to 83 pounds. Yay!).

Hang onto your hat!

[This is a heavily edited version of the unposted draft I wrote when I got home from work on Friday, February 18, 2011. I waited a few days for my anger to subside, am editing, and posting it today (2/21/11). If you’ve talked to me in real life since Friday, thank you for your kind words.]

I’ve long joked that there are two stable industries in this town: working for the federal government and working for a labor union. Well, the joke’s on me this time. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

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Vroom vroom

In September 2006, husband and I almost impulse purchased two Harley’s while in Biloxi, Mississippi. How we ended up in Biloxi looking at bikes is a long story, but we did not buy bikes at that time.

Fast forward to today.

We still don’t own bikes, but we want them. Husband is enamored with the Triumph Thruxton. We found out there was a motorcycle show at the DC Convention Center and went on Saturday. The people watching was most excellent and the bikes were pretty. I didn’t sit on any, but husband sat on all three of the Triumph bikes there (including the Thruxton) and doing so confirmed that that is the one he wants. If only we had a garage…one day. We’ll have a garage one day.