August 2014 Recap

August! 2014! Recap! Bullet! Style!

  • The Lean & Lovely program┬áis super awesome. I definitely prefer having someone else program my workouts for me and this one hits the spot. That being said, I couldn’t imagine purchasing and then using this program without prior kettlebell experience.
  • Skyping with family and friends
  • New (to me) recipes (This one. And this one)
  • Closed out the month with a trip to Bondi Beach (#bebesfirstovernighttrip) and while the trip was great, the ride back home wasn’t. Little boy cried/screamed for 85% of the way home.

March 2014 Recap

Bullets! Again!

  • Wedding anniversary celebrated via dinner at Jaime’s Italian!
  • Birthday!
  • Ante-natal classes!
  • Taught one SUP lesson!
  • Work!
  • Baby showers!
  • Brumbies!

Yup. That’s it. March was fairly uneventful–read: no trips–just lots of time enjoying Canberra and the end of summer/beginning of fall before our lives dramatically change in a few months.

Winding Down

2013-11-28 Rob Roy Track Descent A
As the year winds down, I am spending some time before my parents arrive tomorrow reflecting on the changes this year has brought to my life. While I won’t go into too much detail here, 2013 has been wonderful and exciting. We started the year in London with dear friends of ours and will be ending it in Sydney with family. In between, we visited Belize and Guatemala, I changed jobs, moved from the Washington, DC area to Canberra, and spent eight lovely days touring the southern island of New Zealand. I’m looking forward to the changes and adventures that are in store for us for 2014. Best wishes to you and your families!