I can do a roll

Slowly. In flat water. But I can do it.


(Note: I just liked this video and chose it to share as it does a good job of demonstrating proper rolling technique. I’m not in this video.)

Catching My Breath

I ran myself ragged this past weekend. Between running on Friday evening, kayaking on Saturday, and going for a 24 mile bike ride on Sunday, I burned the candle at both ends. Part of the reason I push myself so hard is because I know I can do it. However, I forget that I’m getting older and that I don’t recover as quickly. I spent yesterday after work at home relaxing and trying not to use my aching right shoulder. Tonight we’re going to go see Willie Nelson at Wolf Trap. Husband and I have sung this song to each other for a few days.

We’ll relax under the stars as we sing along. Willie definitely knows how to chill.