Pork and Liquor

Two of my favorite things.

A few weeks ago, a friend and fellow bourbon drinker let me know of Rocklands’s “Bourbon Club.” After (a small bit of) consideration, I agreed to join her in drinking all of the bourbons that Rocklands has .

We met up today and I ordered my meal (three meat platter with cole slaw and baked beans) and my first drink — Virginia Gentleman. My second was Rebel Yell and after some banter with the bartender, my friend and I were rewarded for starting the endeavor with free Elijah Craig 18 year. Which led to a discussion of how there are several liquors listed on their bourbon list that are definitely foul and/or not bourbon at all; but we’ll drink them (eventually) if they’re still on there when the time comes. The third friend that joined us for company was amused about our devotion to the sweet brown liquor. Several hours later, we departed and I came home to take a nap. I’m already trying to figure out when I can go back to have more pork and liquor.

Private Dining Experience

Roasted whole suckling pig (Photo Courtesy of Poste Moderne Brasserie)


When can I do that again?

Last summer, hubs and I were out with friends at a DC restaurant that we love, but unfortunately do not visit enough. They told us about roasts at Poste where an animal is spit roasted over an open wood fire for a group seated outside in the chef’s garden. The idea sounded wonderful and we agreed that we should get a group together to do it.

Life happened and we were unable to pull it off last summer.

About a month ago, the topic came up again and we seized upon the opportunity.
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Water, water everywhere

I grew up going to first to Clarks Hill Lake and then Lake Weiss. I think I enjoyed going, but never really liked the slimy feel of the water on my face or the muddiness that enveloped me.

Last weekend, CorporateMonkey and I took an introductory kayaking class through Valley Mill Kayak School. Within the first five minutes of getting in the water, I loved it.

We learned how to do a wet exit, basic paddling technique, how to do a T rescue, and finally how to enter an eddy. We were exhausted after the four-hour class and my shoulders hurt from carrying the kayak from the trailer to the river input and back.

Since I’m more a city-girl than a country-girl, I’ve spent time this week trying to figure out why I’m so in love with this new activity. Perhaps I feel more in control sitting a boat than just swimming in a lake. Perhaps I appreciate being away from (but still so close to)  the concrete jungle that is DC. I like figuring out how else I can push my body and do things that I would have shied away from a few years ago. All of these things and more inspired me to sign up for the practice session next Saturday and the second class on Sunday, where I’ll learn how to roll the kayak.