April 2015: Recap and Goals


I’m back in the US (for only a few more days) visiting family, so I’ll keep this short and sweet so we can go back to playing outside in the nice spring weather. Hit it…

  • Bebe’s first domestic (Oz and US) and international flights and Bebe’s first jet lag
  • Bebe’s first spaghetti
  • Bebe got to meet his great-grandparents and lots of other family members that he’d never met before
  • Bebe started walking!!
  • Going out to eat with other adults for dinner and having cocktails
  • Friends flew down from DC to see me
  • In-laws drove into town to see me and Bebe


  • Continued the Crossfit while out of town at a local box
  • Boo-urns – I stopped meditating because of flights and haven’t picked it up again
  • Hair-cut accomplished
  • Travel to US accomplished

September 2014 Recap

#Bebe is napping so let’s do this quick-like…

So it would seem like not a whole lot happened in September, but that isn’t true. My parents’ visit was wonderful and Bebe continued to delight us each and every day. Let’s end with another picture of the precious one…

April 2014 Recap

The month started with the two paddles I captured above and devolved into lots of couch time and knitting. Let’s move into bullets…

  • Work
  • Got the low-down on birthing and breastfeeding from a great new friend
  • Rediscovered the Belconnen Fresh Food Markets–our new favorite place for grocery shopping on these increasingly chilly Saturday mornings
  • #fauxsinglegirl for a bit while hubs was out of town meant watching lots of Supernatural on Netflix and a dinner in Dickson at the noodle house with another friend
  • Easter brunch with great new friend, her husband, a few other people, and five kids under the age of eight
  • Easter holidays (Good Friday and Easter Monday) + ANZAC Day meant a Canberra was super deserted and lots of couch time with husband
  • Lots of cleaning and sorting

In all, a good month. Bring on May!