Three Things Thursday: 11 January 2018

aka: The Friends and Family Edition

  1. My mum is here for a visit and I’ve stepped back from work a bit to spend time with her. We both want to live closer to each other and we try to enjoy each other’s company as much as possible when we are together.
  2. My mum also encourages me to make a better effort of getting together with my friends and not work in every spare moment I have. As such, I had coffee today with two of my friends that I haven’t seen in ages. Woo-hoo!
  3. The thing I need to work on in the next few weeks (months?) is finding a balance between working and self-care (including spending time with my friends) while the kids are at school.

Three Things Thursday: 29 June 2017

  1. Having friends is awesome. As an introvert, it would be so much easier (at time) to not have friends, but I know this isn’t true and am thankful for the wonderful people in my life.
  2. Modern technology is awesome. I’m sitting on the couch at 2 PM in Doha exchanging online messages with friends in Australia and around the corner while sending emails to people back in the US. It’s even awesomer (is that a word? WordPress tells me it isn’t. I think it should be.) how much easier things have gotten in the four years (or so) since we left Washington, DC.
  3. Being an adult is awesome. Sure, there are lots of unfun things about it (like cleaning the kitchen EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT.), but I want to go back in time to tell my late teen/early twenties self to be patient. Hell, I want to tell my mid/late twenties self to be patient. My thirties have been far better than I ever anticipated they would be and I’m actually kind of excited about turning forty in a few years.