Farmer’s Market

We got up early-ish this morning (#yayjetlag) and went to the local farmer’s market. Our haul is beautiful and after going to the grocery immediately after the market, our pantry and fridge are starting to look normal. I’m looking forward to finally establishing a baseline in my head as to how much a dozen eggs or gallon if milk will cost us now.



February 23-24: New York

Empellón CocinaI went up to New York yesterday morning for a quick ~24 hour trip with some fabulous girlfriends and had some wonderful meals/drinks/laughs. We stayed at a place we found on AirBnB in Alphabet City, visited Kleinfeld to ooh/aww over wedding dresses, and didn’t get enough sleep. It was the kind of weekend that reminded me of how fortunate I am to live in DC and that I have wonderful and generous people in my life, for which I am truly thankful. I really didn’t take any pictures of my own because the weather was wet and cold yesterday, but my memories will sustain me until I’m able to get back up there.

My Trip in a Few Words Meals/Drinks



After Rye House, but before dinner, we met up with friends of a friend for more drinks that their apartment and then caught a cab back across town. At dinner, my phone was dying and I was thus unable to log that I was at Supper.

This morning, we caught a cab to the bus pick-up site, hit up the coffee shop, and napped heavily on the way home. Good times were had by all.