It’s been a few days since words have been transcribed, but words continue to flow in my head. This season of life can be hard from moment to moment. Living my life here, but looking forward to the next place, thinking of what needs to be purged, what needs to go in the air shipment, and what needs to go by sea. Finally, trying to figure out what goes in the suitcases in case the air and sea shipments are delayed.

As such, I plan for meals for the week, but am careful not to buy too much. There’s only so many weeks until we leave. Until I have to empty the pantry that’s kept us fed for almost three years.

Meal planning (via Paprika still) has become easier and more complicated. Eat down the pulses and rices without causing revolt. What’s quick to fix so the kids can spend as much time outside in the afternoons as possible before it feels like an oven?

For myself and my lunches, I keep turning back to khichadi. It’s filling and soothing. It provides comfort in its sameness when the rest is turmoil — some days topped with a fried egg, other days with a poached one. Or leftover chicken or even kimchi.

Image of Moong Dal Khichadi in a glass bowl
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Three Things Thursday: 13 July 2017

  1. We’ve been at my parents’ house for almost a week. It’s wonderful to be here and while there are many things I’m missing about our house/neighborhood in Doha, I’m not missing the heat. Thank goodness we’ll be in Georgia for a while.
  2. Simple dinners, like last night’s–a cheese and mushroom omelet topped by these lovely tomatoesneed to be in the rotation more. The meal was delicious, but not heavy, which is perfect for the summer heat.
  3. I don’t really have a third thing today. Life is good.