Three Things Thursday: 4 January 2018

aka: The Health Edition

  1. As I sit here and write, I remember that on this day last year, I was in the hospital with bronchitis and acute asthma complications. I never wrote up that little adventure and I likely won’t now that a year has passed. Suffice to say, my asthma is under control and I’m thankful for the good doctor(s) I have found here in Doha.
  2. That said, I have another cold. It’s my first of 2018, but it’s my fifth since August 31, 2017–the date the kids and I arrived back in Doha after spending the latter half of the summer in the United States. I’ll need to be extra diligent with my meds and to keep it from affecting my asthma.
  3. One thing Two things I need to do for my physical and mental health are (load bearing) exercise and meditation. I’ve missed both and need more of each in my life.

February 2015 Recap: Life & Goals


As February began, we settled back into a routine as a family of three since house guests departedĀ and we didn’t have any on the horizon for the first time since May 2014. The month was comprised of normal life: meals, errands, exercise, mothers group get togethers, family snuggles, and happiness. No one thing was amazing enough to highlight, but the entire month was great on a whole.


  1. Continued with the gym going. Getting stronger with each passing week…
  2. Book reading slowed down as I switched gears to some non-fiction, but resumed my rereading of the ASOIF series.
  3. I’m rocking the meditation and love love love Headspace! Leave me a comment if you want me to send you a coupon for a free trial after I hit my next milestone for consecutive days of meditation.
  4. I went on a SUP coffee paddle! It was lovely. I likely won’t get to go again until next (southern) summer due to life and seasonal changes. But I went. Once!
  5. Self-care went okay for the month. I showered regularly, but didn’t make it out to get a facial or hair-cut like I should have done. The fringe is now gone, but I plan to recut it soon.