Self-Discovery and Doing the Work

My job in Doha has slowed down (for the moment), thus giving me more time to pursue my interests. Those interests these days include binging TV shows and books, sitting on my front porch drinking coffee, and learning about the Enneagram.

Woman wearing sunglasses smiling at camera holding a coffee cup

I first heard about it from an internet friend, and when I took a few of the (free) tests online, I couldn’t figure out my type. After a lot more reading and playing around on Instagram, I figured it out.

I’ll be honest; I’m uncomfortable with parts of being a Type Five with a Six-Wing. Reading the characteristics made me feel seen for the first time in years. I don’t know that I’ve always been a Five in my adult life (waving hello at types one, three, and six as so many of those traits resonate with earlier versions of me), but for this season…

I just finished a podcast episode that provided me with some reassurance that I’m okay just as I am. I logically know that this is the case, but hearing from an external source further reinforces it.

Have you figured out your type? Does any of this make sense to anyone else? How does knowing your type affect how you navigate your life and relationships? I’m still trying to get a handle of these and am curious about others’ journies.

(Featured Image Courtesy of @Justmyenneatype’s Instastories)