Day in the Life

I’m starting something new. Not wholly new, but new to me. See, I’m not great at taking time for myself. I grab time five to ten minutes every day to brush my teeth and put on deodorant, but I haven’t made a practice of it–I haven’t necessarily been purposeful with it. This changes today…

2016-06-14 14.22.51

Little bebe woke up at 5:45 AM for her second overnight feed (the first was at 2:30 AM or so) and instead of going back to my (very warm and comfortable) bed, I made coffee and meditated while waiting for the coffee to brew. Yesterday, was a fabulous day and while meditating, I thought I should document why it was so, so that when I have one of those sh*t days that SAHM’s of two small children have, I could remember that fabulous days do happen. Here goes:

Woke up at 4:30 AM for Bebe’s second overnight feed and gave husband a kiss before going back to bed at 4:45 AM since he’d been awake since 4 AM.

Woke up for the day around 7 AM and poured myself a cup of coffee. Spaced out with my coffee and phone trying to figure out what I missed while Australia slept.

Got the Kid out of bed around 7:10 AM since he’d been quietly talking to himself for a few minutes. His room was cold (~17.5 degrees C) and made a mental note to turn the heater up the next night. Got the Bebe up a few minutes later since she’s started to make her morning squeaky noises. Gave her a feed while sitting on the couch and watched the Kid figure out what he wanted to play with for the next bit.

From then until around 11:45 AM, Bebe napped twice, Kid played, I drank coffee and then got ready for the day. We read stories and pushed cars around. Bebe cooed and grunted when I made faces at her or if she was playing with her jungle gym (I don’t know what it’s called, but that’s what we call her toy). Somewhere in there, the Kid and I ate breakfast and he had his morning snack as well.

At 11:45 AM, I started lunch for me and the Kid–chard galette with mushrooms and cheese. By 1:30 PM, we’d eaten lunch, Bebe was back asleep and the Kid was asleep as well for his afternoon nap (which he recently started taking more consistently after six months[!!] of intermittent napping.

While both were asleep, I meditated, played on the Internet, and made a phone call. When Bebe woke up at 2:30 PM, she fed and then played while I did my Core and Floor exercises. By 4 PM, she was asleep for her fourth (and final) nap of the day. I quickly edited some photos of her to throw up on Facebook and woke the Kid of up from his nap at 4:30 PM. By 5 PM, both were up and husband got home from work around 5:15 PM.

FAMILY PLAY TIME!!! I chased the Kid up and down the hallway while husband entertained Bebe. By 5:45 PM, Kid was whinging about wanting a bath, so husband got that going and Bebe started to crack it, so I got things ready for her bath as well. I bathed her, fed her, and put her to bed and by 6:35 AM, she was asleep for the night. While putting her to bed, I heard the #toddlerlife fussing going on and when I stepped out of her room, I tagged in so that husband could take a breather.

Kid was eating dinner and wanted more milk. I refused him milk and gave him his water instead. He was cool with that, but refused the rest of his meal. We quickly transitioned from the table to story time (with much protest from him), but after he picked his stories and put him in his sleep sack, he settled into my arms with his water, his Captain America Build-A-Bear, and his fleece blanket. Two stories later, he went to bed and I walked out of his room at 7:02 PM.

We had ordered Thai in for dinner (Yay!) and our food arrived on time at 7:15 PM. We ate while staring at our respective laptops and traded quips and observations about life and world events. Around 8:45 PM, I put the chicken stock that had simmered on the stove all day in the fridge, turned on the dishwasher, and got ready for bed. A bit of reading for both of us and then lights out by 9:45 PM.

It was a great day.

Stop Fighting It

It’s been about three weeks since Kid started refusing his afternoon naps. It’s been about three weeks since felt like I had my sh*t together. During those three weeks, Kid and I both had head colds, but neither of us kicked them on our own–he came down with an ear infection and I had a sinus infection. This brought a (temporary) reprieve to this change, but…

…I need to stop fighting this (day) sleep transition. He’s rocking a solid uninterrupted ~12 hours at night and on the days when we having something to do in the morning, he generally takes a two hour nap at midday. But…

…I like that time mid-morning where I can sit with my cup of coffee and my thoughts and JUST. BE. I need that time to recharge my batteries. I knew this was coming, but had hoped it would be later. Not now. Three or four months from now. But…

…I don’t get to make that call. One nap a day, here we come.